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Successful implementation of odor control systems and ensuring that they will continue to function well requires far more than an ability to manage a capital project well.

It requires recognition of the fact that the entire project is geared towards solving an odor impact problem off-property and an in-depth understanding of the issues involved. It also requires a thorough understanding of the plant processes and odor sources that need to be brought under control through capture, containment and conveyance systems. Implementing odor abatement systems is all about succeeding to resolve the off-property odor impact problem...that is the ultimate function of an investment in odor control system which must be fulfilled to provide the return on investment. Typical elements of work include:

• Liaison with regulatory agencies for permits and approvals
• Qualify and select suppliers
• Manage pre-design and detailed design
• Prepare supply bids
• Contract, site and project management
• Plan and conduct of system performance & acceptance tests