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When a community is facing odor impact issues in their backyards, streets or parks they often like to see that the ambient air in their neighborhood is monitored by humans, not a machine or a device.

They like to see “real” people like themselves trek their neighborhood, smell the foul air and to corroborate their observations with respect to adverse odor impacts. In an odor assessment program this is an important element of work since the results of an ambient odor survey can be used to gauge or validate the worst-case computer modeling scenarios. ZORIX uses trained odor observers or surveyors in conjunction with a structured protocol to conduct short, medium or long-term ambient odor surveys.

Typical elements include:
• Review and analysis of historical complaints
• Development of a specific survey plan for the affected community
• Plan and conduct of interviews with residents, if required
• Interface with neighbourhood/resident groups
• Assist clients with public meetings and presentations
• Development of odor complaint response strategies