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When faced with odor complaints or the potential for an off-property odor impact the first step is to quantify odor emissions and to predict the extent of the potential impact in the community around a plant or a facility.

An odor assessment program defines and quantifies the extent of an off-property odor impact. This is best achieved through actual source sampling and olfactometry evaluations followed by computer dispersion modelling. Armed with the information from an odor assessment program our specialized staff can formulate effective strategies for abatement and/or regulatory compliance.

A typical odor assessment project includes the following steps:
• Listen to client concerns and objectives
• Develop assessment plan
• Analyze complaint history
• Site review and project planning
• Design and conduct site-specific odor sampling programs
• Conduct sensory evaluations in olfactometry lab with odor panels
• Dispersion modeling using odor-specific techniques
• Off-property impact analysis and interpretation of results
• Design and conduct ambient assessments and community odor surveys
• Liaison with community groups and regulatory agencies
• Develop recommendations
• Present findings and deliver report