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Odor Control At Lakeview WWTF

The Problem
Area residents living in the vicinity of the Lakeview plant had been concerned with odour nuisance issues believed to be emanating from the Lakeview plant for many years. Our client who assumed ownership of this large municipal wastewater treatment facility in 1997 committed to resolving the odour nuisance issues that related to Lakeview plant.

Our Approach
ZORIX Environmental recommended a studied approach to solving the problem. Our approach entailed conducting a plant-wide assessment of the sources of foul air in order to quantify and determine the relative contribution of various processes to the off-property odour impact. Our approach also entailed a thorough analysis of the potential impact in the neighbouring area using worst-case dispersion modelling techniques. Using this approach we were able to formulate a sound odour control strategy and prioritize impact mitigation activities that have since followed.

The Solution
The odour control strategy targeted the “high intensity” foul air sources as its initial step. Except the grit tanks, these were mostly point sources associated with the biosolids facility and the anaerobic reactors. The remainder of the off-property odour impact was mainly due to large area sources which were left to be tackled later. Two odour capture, containment, transport and control systems were designed and installed using the Best Available Control Technology for maximum performance.

The odour control systems were brought into service in 2000. Although this was the first step in our client’s overall odour control strategy it resulted in reducing the number of complaints received to five from around one hundred and fifty the previous year.