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Most municipalities own and operate a variety of treatment or processing plants. These range from Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) to garbage recycling, solid waste processing, waste storage depots or composting facilities to name a few.

The municipal sector has specific challenges with respect to odour nuisance issues. It operates publicly owned facilities and its revenue base is from tax and ratepayers who live in the municipalities borders. Therefore, unlike the industrial (private) sector it not only has to meet all environmental regulations with respect to odour emissions and potential nuisance impacts but it is also directly accountable to its residential, institutional and industrial ratepayers.

Odour nuisance in this sector fall into two (2) broad categories:
•    Foul odours related to a fixed facility or plant that may impact the surrounding neighbourhood, or
•    Foul odours

Odour in the municipal sector operations are more often than not associated with one or more of the following sources:

1.    headworks (mainly due to H2S)
2.    exposed primary and/or aeration tanks
3.    wet wells
4.    biosolids processing (often due to DMS, DMDS)
5.    pumping stations (often mainly H2S, mercaptans)
6.    exfiltration from maintenance holes
7.    solid waste processing
8.    solid waste recycling
9.    composting yards