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Odour impact and nuisance issues are unlike most air pollution problems – they’re subjective, complex and easily misunderstood.

When dealing with public complaints about odors, quite understandably plant owners or managers often don’t know how to address the problem.
Typically they try products such as masking agents. Or, accept advice from consulting companies who don’t truly appreciate the complexities of odor management and often try to target and scrub out one or certain chemical compounds in the air.
The results are control systems that don’t solve the off-property odor problem. These systems fail to take into account that ambient odor nuisance is usually caused by a complex mixture of chemicals present in varying concentrations with widely divergent detection thresholds.

Dr. Moe Zolghadr and Mr. Michael Rix, the founding partners of ZORIX Environmental recognized the need for a specialized, professional company whose only mission is managing odor issues for municipalities and industries.